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Visa Requirements
Please check your visa regularly to ensure that you don’t overstay.
Do not check the expiry date of your visa - it has nothing to do with how long you have to stay in Taiwan.
We hold no responsibility for informing you when you need to extend your visa.
Check the yellow embarkation paper in your passport and count 30 or 60 days (depending on the period you have been given) from that stamp on the back of this.
Please inform us at least 14 days your visa expires that you require visa extension paperwork.
Please check whether your passport is a non-extendable visa or a visa that was applied for at the airport as there is a different process for these types of visas.

To retain our reputation for quality tuition, we ask that you please keep good attendance.
If you are intending to apply for a scholarship then class attendance and your behavior are important factors when considering your application.
Once you are holding an ARC and Resident Visa through the university, it is imperative that you keep good class attendance, and if you intend taking off class or are sick then be sure to fill out the absent form. If it is found that you have not been attending class for a period of time without a valid reason then your ARC could be canceled without notice.
*If your visa is non-extendable and you want to extend it:
You need to have a minimum of 3 weeks left on your visa. And you need to have a minimum of 1 week class attendance. If you don’t have these requirements listed herein point 1, then you will need no go to Hong Kong to apply for a New Visa and in this case, we will issue University Acceptance papers to take with you so that you may apply for a new Visa in Hong Kong.
Two weeks before your visa expires - you need to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and take:
A bank book showing a Minimum balance of NT60,000.
A photocopy of the front page of this Bankbook and a copy of the balance page.
Photocopy of present visa (non-extendable in your passport).
Photocopy of yellow embarkation paper in your passport.
Photocopy of details (photo part) in your passport.
NT1,800 to pay for an application to the government.
One passport size photo.
A statement indicating the reason for wanting to change your visa.
Copy of attendance record and certificate of study.
You will need to wait 7 working days for them to process this - If your visa expired within that period then you will need to leave Taiwan - that is why we tell you to apply 2 weeks before your visa expires.
After you have handed your passport in at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please inform us that you need another set of forms - Certificate of Study and Attendance Record. Because once you get your passport back, you will need these new set of forms to take to the local police station immediately.

Resident Visa Applications
Complete 4 months of study (Government Pre-requisite for application)
Get a receipt of payment from reception for the period of study required. There is 3,6,9 or 12 months period to choose from. (Minimum period is one quarter=3months. There are 3,6,9 or 12 months resident visas therefore pay and apply for the period you want.)
Open a Bank A/C and show a balance of NTD60,000.
Get a Certificate of Study and Attendance Record from CLEC office
Two passport size photos.
Prepare NTD2,100 processing fee to pay to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Your passport and a copy of it.
Arrangement for an interview.
Processing of this Resident visa take up to 7 working day - Collect your passport and Receipt of Payment from the Ministry after 7 days. Ministry of Foreign affairs is at 216 Min-Chuan Road., 9th Floor, Taichung City.
Once you have handed in your passport at the Foreign Affairs, be sure to advise the CLEC reception that you need another set of papers (Another Certificate of Study and Attendance Record for the Police station).

Once you get your passport returned by the Foreign Affairs, you need to go to the Taichung Police station on Wen-Shin Rd., Section 2 and take the following documentation to get your ARC card:

Receipt given to you by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Certificate of Study & Attendance Records given to you by CLEC office.
Two passport size photos.
NTD1,000 for processing of the ARC.

Please Note:
* For each extension of ARC, you need only go to the police station and pay NTD1,000 for the extension. Be sure to go two weeks before the ARC expires.
* What happens if you want to leave the country during the time that you have a resident visa with ARC status? Go to the police station and apply for a Re-entry Permit. By doing this, you will not have to apply for a visa to come back to Taiwan. It is best to get this re-entry visa at the same time you are applying for your ARC to avoid you from having to return to the police station again and furthermore, you will end up paying more application fees if you apply for a re-entry visa at a later stage - do it all at once.
* Note that if you intend to study at Providence University for longer than 6 months then it is advisable to apply for a resident visa after 4 months. Your visitor visa is valid for extensions up to maximum 180 days and thereafter you will need to leave the country and apply for a new visa.

Visa Extension: Documents Checklist
Certificate of Study
Attendance Record
Plane ticket
Fill up the Extension Form